Equality & Ideal Futures In Technology

Apr 12, 2017

As technologists we're shaping the future that we're all going to live in. How might we shape a future that is inclusive and better for everyone? What can we learn from the past? Join Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen (IBM) and Ashley Victoria (POWERSHiFTER) as they share their experiences of inclusion (and exclusion) in their work.

Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:10pm.

An assortment of beer and soft drinks will be provided, no food. 19+, minors not permitted due to alcohol service.


Bench Accounting

545 Robson St
Vancouver, BC


  • Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen

    Modelling Ideal Futures in Tech Teams

    Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen

    If money is power, then the tech industry has both in spades; in this way however, it also has a lot of opportunity, and responsibility. How is the way we structure and build our teams representative of our values? How might we better use our financial, technological and social influence to create products for a future that is more inclusive, safer, and kinder, to more folks? How can we get better at designing products and services for folks that looks beyond our own needs?

    In their talk, Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen begins this conversation by engaging participants in thinking about visibility, power, and representation in tech and design teams, and seeks to expand the conversation on diversity and inclusion.

  • Ashley Victoria

    Women in Science and Technology: A Holistic View on Gender Inequality

    Ashley Victoria

    The history of women in science and technology is wrought with stories you might recognize from modern-day. Lack of academic credit, vast differences in pay, and damaging societal norms have all been a reality for most women working in our fields. While human rights have been defined, legislation put in place, gender inequality persists as a very real problem in the tech world.

    Ashley looks to examine recent history, and with examples from her personal life, illustrate how it is essential to take a holistic view on gender inequality if we are to truly address the problems we face in our fields today.


We will head out afterwards to continue the conversation over some drink and food. Location announced at the event.