Trusting Your Team

Nov 17, 2015

Whether it's working with your own team or your clients, our jobs require strong collaboration skills. Join Ashley Pitre (Forge & Smith) and Rowan Weismiller (Mobify alumni) as they share insight from their experiences collaborating with others.

Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:10pm.

An assortment of beer and soft drinks will be provided, no food. 19+, minors not permitted due to alcohol service.



5 East 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC


  • Rowan Weismiller

    Interdisciplinary Teams: Where My Job Meets Yours

    Rowan Weismiller

    Web teams are often made up of specialized individuals. Strategists, designers, developers, project managers, account managers… the list goes on. And it goes even deeper into specialization than what that list indicates. But what about the grey area in between them? Let’s learn how to elevate every function of our teams by spending some time in the grey areas where interdisciplinary teams thrive.


We will head out afterwards to continue the conversation over some drink and food. Location announced at the event.