Designing with Passion

Apr 7, 2015

Many of us spend our days designing for things we aren't necessarily passionate about. Design is our job. And that doesn't mean we don't love doing it and that we aren't excited. But it's also not really what we care about. Instead, we turn to passion projects on our off time to really show off what we care about. Please join us as we spend an evening taking a look at what it means to be passionate about your design work and the amazing things that can come out of it.

Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:15pm. You must be registered with Meetup to attend.

An assortment of beer and soft drinks will be provided, no food. 19+, minors not permitted due to alcohol service.



5 East 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC


  • Kenneth Ormandy

    Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    Kenneth Ormandy

    It’s 1556, and Pierre Haultin is looking for the boundaries type can perform within — in metal. We’re still facing dilemmas of typographic efficiency centuries later.

    This talk introduces practical web font loading patterns and the WOFF 2.0 format from a typographic perspective, established by Haultin in the mid-16th century. His experience reveals an overlap between type setting and web performance, relevant to designers’ increasing use of JavaScript, and developers’ of type.

  • Ryan Betts

    Confessions of a Luddite

    Ryan Betts

    “The Jetsons is the best science fiction ever because it got the most important thing right: amazing technology won't make us happy.” - Adam Wilson.

    Our industry is marching boldly towards a future of self-driving cars, drone-based delivery systems, quantified everything, blockchain everything and a virtual reality metaverse. But you know what? It's not going to make us any happier. Because we – yes even “we” the designers – keep forgetting about the human scale of things.


We tend to head to Tap & Barrel after the event to have some drinks and more nuanced conversation. If you can make it, we'd love to see you there!