Contentious Content

Jan 14, 2014

Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:15pm. An assortment of beer and soft drinks will be provided, no food. 19+, minors not permitted due to alcohol service.



5 East 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC


  • Jacky Gilbertson

    Contentious Images: Handling Images for the Mobile Web

    Jacky Gilbertson

    When did 'image' become such a dirty word? In these days of forging a multi-device web, most of the advice regarding handling images has revolved around cutting them down to size, by both pixels and bytes. This advice ignores that images aren't always just supplemental, existing only to accompany articles and add flare to content. There are many situations – such as webcomics, portfolios, and infographics — where images are the content. So let me show you what to do with them.

  • Alaine Mackenzie

    Content Strategy for Designers

    Alaine Mackenzie

    Every web project needs content strategy. You need to plan for content and the people that make it. But hey, here’s the secret: it’s not some highfalutin mysterious mystery that only certified content strategists can do. It’s planning that every good designer can work into their practice. I’ll share some tips and tricks for incorporating content strategy into the design work you’re already doing. You’ll avoid risky content problems later on in your project, and create more sustainable solutions for your clients. All without tonnes of additional project budget or training. And somehow this will all happen in 30 minutes.