The Style & Class Conference

Dec 13, 2014

We’ve taken everything you love about our meetups, the heart and soul, and partnered with two amazing organizations, Smashing Conference and Ladies Learning Code, to create an incredible day of high-quality conference talks.

Tickets are only $20 and we’re donating all profits to Ladies Learning Code, a Canada-wide not-for-profit group working to empower everyone to feel comfortable learning beginner-friendly technical skills in a social, collaborative way. We have a limited numbers of tickets and Style and Class always sells out, so get yours now!

Doors open at 12:00pm (noon) and talks get rolling at 1pm.


SFU Woodwards

149 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC


  • Val Head

    All The Right Moves: Putting your UIs in Motion

    Val Head | Slides

    CSS animations are a powerful option to add design details to your work. When used well, motion can bring delightful moments to a user interface and improve interactions.That’s the kind of animation we want in our work! Carefully crafting these moments makes our work more memorable and enjoyable to use. In this session, we’ll discuss where animation can best inform UX and how CSS can be used to build sophisticated animated interactions.

  • Alaine Mackenzie

    Content Strategy For Designers

    Alaine Mackenzie | Slides

    Every web project needs content strategy. You need to plan for content and the people that make it. But hey, here’s the secret: it’s not some highfalutin mysterious mystery that only certified content strategists can do. It’s planning that every good designer can work into their practice. I’ll share some tips and tricks for incorporating content strategy into the design work you’re already doing. You’ll avoid risky content problems later on in your project, and create more sustainable solutions for your clients. All without tonnes of additional project budget or training.

  • Improving Smashing Magazine's Performance: A Case-Study

    Vitaly Friedman | Slides

    Vitaly Friedman, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Smashing Magazine, will provide insights into the front-end work done at Smashing Magazine to improve the performance of the site. He may also mention a few tricks and strategies used along the way. This is a practical talk with oodles of actionable takeaways—all borrowed from real-life responsive projects.

  • Chelsea Klukas

    Peer Influence, Pop Culture, and the Power of Human-Centred Design

    Chelsea Klukas | Slides

    Whether choosing a restaurant, buying clothes, or choosing music, peer influence and popularity is a powerful force. Sadly, in many technology workplaces, popular culture and fashion are dismissed or delegated to the marketing department. Functionality doesn't create desirability, and well-built products can fail without social and cultural context. This talk will explore design thinking with an awareness of trends, fashion, and pop culture and provide tools for leveraging it in your work.

  • Stephanie Hobson

    Accessibility With CSS: Making Websites Better for Everyone

    Stephanie Hobson | Slides

    Vancouver's own Stephanie Hobson, a Web Developer at Mozilla, will show us how optimizing our sites for users with vision or mobility challenges makes them easier for everyone. From larger hit areas to clear indications of state, we'll cover a few simple things we can start and stop doing with CSS. We'll learn how to make websites faster to navigate with a keyboard, easier to use with a coarse pointer, and usable even without visual formatting.

  • John Allsopp

    15 Years of Responsive Web Design

    John Allsopp | Slides

    Many of us were not working on the Web when the ideas that underpin Responsive Web Design were born. In 2000, John Allsopp wrote “A Dao of Web Design,” which well over a decade later continues to be widely cited as the theoretical foundation for Responsive Web Design. In this presentation, John looks back at the Web of the late 1990s, and asks what they teach us.


The Portside Pub

7 Alexander St.
Vancouver, BC

Doors open at 7pm. Drinks and light snacks will be served.