Designing for Multiple Screens

Sep 4, 2013

Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:15pm. An assortment of beer and soft drinks will be provided, no food. 19+, minors not permitted due to alcohol service.


Mobify (Pender)

311 W Pender St.
Vancouver, BC


  • Dave Shea

    Mobile Web Design Anti-Patterns

    Dave Shea

    Mobile design is necessarily about embracing constraints, but sometimes we go too far. We strip down our content to a bare minimum in pursuit of misguided ideals about mobile context. We provide ‘useful’ mobile UI components that immediately proceed to get in a user’s way. We make improper assumptions about a user’s environment. Let’s place some of these mobile design anti-patterns under the microscope and talk about why they don’t work, and what we should be doing instead.

  • Steve Fisher

    Content Modelling for Responsive Web Design

    Steve Fisher

    Content modeling is one of my favourite parts of a RWD project. Understanding how to represent content priorities consistently for RWD is like solving a puzzle that keeps changing, and I love puzzles. Content modeling helps us define the content creation, design, and user experience for a new site. It is especially important for the responsive web. Because layout and user context is constantly changing, it's important to make sure content priorities are represented consistently. So grab a sharpie and let's do some modeling!