Events Archive

  • Equality & Ideal Futures In Technology

    As technologists we're shaping the future that we're all going to live in. How might we shape a future that is inclusive and better for everyone? What can we learn from the past? Join Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen (IBM) and Ashley Victoria (POWERSHiFTER) as they share their experiences of inclusion (and exclusion) in their work.

  • Inclusive Research and Design

    We all want to make our designs and projects the best they can be, but sometimes we forgot about portions of our audiences. Inclusion of those on the margins is a critical part of any web project. Join Lauren Isaacson (Curio Research) and Tommy Lewis (Microsoft) as they share insight from their experiences in inclusion in the work they do.

  • 2016 Design + Content Panel

    For the second year, we’re partnering with The Design & Content Conference to bring our Style & Class community an exciting panel on the intersection of product design and content strategy. We’re bringing in experts from Adobe, Instagram, Mozilla, and Shopify. It’s going to be great!

  • Keeping Up in the Wild Web

    Will we ever fully agree what constitutes a developer? Perhaps. We'll attempt to find out, as well as learn once and for all whose job it is to set and achieve front-end performance goals.

    • #perfmatters: Becoming an Advocate for Web Performance

      Cole Brown
    • The Developer Identity

      Jeff Kamo
  • Coding - Mentorship and Data

    Sometimes coding is fun and sometimes it's… not. Having an experienced mentor there to show you the way as you're learning can really bring out the fun.

  • Trusting Your Team

    Whether it's working with your own team or your clients, our jobs require strong collaboration skills. Join Ashley Pitre (Forge & Smith) and Rowan Weismiller (Mobify alumni) as they share insight from their experiences collaborating with others.

  • Managing Your Product

    Come hear Scott Baldwin (Yellow Pencil) and Carter Gilchrist (Unbounce) talk about their approach to building products that delight users.

  • The Design & Content Panel

    We’re partnering with The Design & Content Conference to bring the Style & Class community an exciting panel on the intersection of web design and content strategy. To make a bit more room (okay, a lot more room) we’re hosting the panel at The Rio Theatre in East Vancouver.

  • Coding for Beauty

    As core languages of the web, we're well familiar with HTML and CSS. Are they necessarily just production languages, or can they deliver creative freedom?

  • Designing with Passion

    Many of us spend our days designing for things we aren't necessarily passionate about. Design is our job. And that doesn't mean we don't love doing it and that we aren't excited. But it's also not really what we care about. Instead, we turn to passion projects on our off time to really show off what we care about. Please join us as we spend an evening taking a look at what it means to be passionate about your design work and the amazing things that can come out of it.

  • Design Storytelling

    Join us for an evening of 5 short talks of design storytelling. During your career you’ll experience defining moments that stand out in your memory. Sometimes these moments are funny, sometimes they make you think, and every now and then you learn a valuable lesson that informs the rest of your career. Our speakers will share their own personal moments, and what impact they had.

  • The Style & Class Conference

    We’ve taken everything you love about our meetups, the heart and soul, and partnered with two amazing organizations, Smashing Conference and Ladies Learning Code, to create an incredible day of high-quality conference talks.

  • Lessons from Coding In The Real World

    Our September event features two regular length talks on coding lessons learned in the field. Come celebrate our first anniversary with talks on reusable CSS and truly responsive images.

  • Designing Your Design Process

    Our July event focuses on the design process within product development, with talks on frameworks for thinking about UX and the design process in an Agile software environment.

  • Making the Web for Everyone

    Who are you building for? Different audiences require different design considerations. For our May event, we'll hear about CSS best practices for building accessible sites and creating scalable, maintainable CSS at the enterprise level.

  • Developing Design

    Our March event begins with a regular length talk on designers and developers working together, followed by 5 minute lightning talks about some of the latest and greatest tools for designers and front-end developers alike.

  • Contentious Content

    Content comes in many different forms. Our January event will focus in on content-based images and the importance of a sound content strategy.

  • Content Creation and Perceived Performance

    In our November meetup, we'll hear about the challenges of pushing the boundaries in web design with creaky old content management systems, and the importance of how your users perceive the performance of your site.

    • Design Problems for Next-Generation Content Creation Interfaces

      Ryan Frederick
    • A Beginner's Guide to Perceived Performance

      Kyle Peatt
  • Designing for Multiple Screens

    Welcome to Style & Class! For our first ever meetup, we'll take a look at common mobile web design mistakes and how you model content for a responsive web site.