Organizing Committee

  • James Bull

    James Bull

    James Bull is a very excited designer at Shopify. He spends his time desk-dancing, snow-shredding, head-standing and foot-grabbing. If you don't know what any of those are, he'll gladly provide a demo.

  • Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher is the content nerd-herder and design fanatic at The Republic of Quality. With over 18 years of experience he leads the charge on the creative end of projects, coordinating research, strategy, visual and interaction design, and content strategy. Steve is a professional member of the Graphic Designer’s Society of Canada and served as their national VP of web for three years. He spends much of his time representing RoQ on the global stage as a sought-after speaker on topics like responsive web design, UX, open source, design thinking, and web process. He has presented at such conferences as TEDx, SXSW, Future of Web, HOW Interactive Design conference, Web Visions and DrupalCon, and is a contributor to .NET Magazine. He also loves Twitter (maybe a little too much).

  • Ashley Victoria

    Ashley Victoria

    Ashley is a UX Designer with a background in development and teaching computer literacy. Taking inspiration from science, music, and games, she is constantly seeking how best to tell stories through various mediums and is currently the Senior UX Designer at POWERSHiFTER. Ashley has facilitated discussions in gender inequality and spoken on the importance of process and empathy in client engagement. Latest excursions have her making indie-RPGs, singing in a post-rock band, and mentoring with Ladies Learning Code.

  • Rowan Weismiller

    Rowan Weismiller

    Rowan is the kind of guy that has fun doing what he said he would do. 'Cause jeez, why the heck not! He's a front-end engineer at Bench Accounting where he works in support of small business owners and entrepreneurs getting financial peace of mind. He got his start in tech after his design education at SFU, when Dave Shea introduced him to Mobify. It was there that he fell in love with the web and all it has to offer.

Organizers Emeritus

  • James Bryant

    James Bryant

    James works across the many layers of product design and enjoys experimenting with the flexbox spec just as much as mapping out information architecture and user flows. Over the last 10 years he has designed web and native apps for medical students in the UK, NBA players in the US and social workers in Australia. He is a proud member of the team at Mobify where he is commonly known as a UI Designer.

  • Steve Mynett

    Steve Mynett

    Steve is an Engineering Manager at Unbounce in Vancouver, Canada with a background and continued interest in design, focused on building and shipping products that measurably impact users. Along the way he has played music with some of the best jazz musicians in the world, found a niche as a jazz concert photographer and discovered that he is a mediocre ultimate player and aspiring cook.

  • Kyle Peatt

    Kyle Peatt

    Kyle Peatt is a designer first and a front-end developer also first. He strongly believes that any designer should also be a maker. Kyle leads a team of like-minded designers and developers on the professional services team at Mobify. He has been working on the web for 10 years and on mobile since the launch of the iPhone. Kyle writes, speaks, and argues about designing and developing for an increasingly multi-device medium. He holds a degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia but can more often be found holding a pair of strings that lead to a kite.

  • Dave Shea

    Dave Shea

    Dave Shea is the creator and cultivator of the highly influential website, and co-author of The Zen of CSS Design (New Riders, 2005) with Molly Holzschlag. His current role is Director of Product Design at Bench Accounting. Previously he was Mobify's VP of User Experience, and before that ran his own studio. He speaks internationally at conferences and workshops and was an organizer of the North American arm of Web Directions, a popular international conference series. His recent extracurricular interests have included icon design, the Processing visual language, GPS tracking his road cycling trips, and improving his home craft brewing techniques.